Uplifting Communities

Importance of Serving Others

My christian faith has made the person I am today. For as long as I can remember, I have been active within a variety of ministries, that have provided me the opportunity to serve others and give back to my community.   

In high school I held a prominent leadership role with my school’s gospel choir for several years. As a leader within the choir, I sang solos during performances as well as promoted our choir during my school’s club fair. The choir was inclusive of students, faculty, and alumni.

During the school year, we performed at assisted living homes and hospitals too uplift and inspire the elderly and sick. Every Martin Luther King Jr. Day our choir sings at Upton Baptist Church for the homeless as they are given hot meals, blankets, and toiletries. Singing with the choir has gave me the opportunity to incorporate my love of singing with my desire to aid those in need. I am grateful to have been apart of a club that prides itself on promoting inclusion and impacting the lives of others.

I was also involved with Impact Youth Ministry of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church. Our mission was to show Chicago youth that the city has more to offer them than the drugs, gangs, violence, and poverty, that has become infamously associated with Chicago’s South Side. Throughout the year we conducted interactive bible lessons and participated in a variety of field trips to places such as museums, amusement parks, and movie theaters. Over the years, I have provided spiritual and personal guidance to the young boys in the program, as they often express to me the struggles that they face as young men of color. This experience has allowed me to become a role model to these young men, as I look to positively impact my community. 

My commitment to working with organizations that promote inclusion led me to volunteer with the Jewish United Fund Uptown Cafe and Cornerstone Community Outreach Dinner Service. While working with these organizations, I prepared and served food for individuals who were struggling financially. The homeless rate in Chicago is increasing each year and affecting almost every community in the city. This alarming trend shows that poverty knows no color, and can reach anyone. As a result, volunteers like myself worked to ensure that these members of our community are reminded that they matter.

These organizations welcome anyone who is struggling and do not require registration to receive meals or limit their services to one demographic, race or gender. As a believer in diversity and inclusion, I have thoroughly enjoyed serving with these organizations. 

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