Diversity in Media

Multiethnic Group of People Holding Letter Media

Understanding the Struggle

Being an African American male, it is hard to find content creators in the industry that can relate to my story. African American talent is criminally underutilized and under appreciated throughout the world of media. Too often the individuals behind the camera and the story telling process share similar backgrounds, which in turn limits content diversity. Consumers are tired of seeing the same stories and messages being recycled and rebranded by major corporation.

In the future, movie studios and advertisement agencies should look to open their doors to a more diverse pallet of creators that will offer new and refreshing content to their respective industries. Individuals by the likes of Jordan Peele and more recently Melina Matsoukas, the director of the critically acclaimed film Queen and Slim, are the latest examples of innovative creators that went above and beyond the industry standard.

Films such as Get Out and Queen and Slim offered unique social commentary that could only be illustrated by an individual that understands the African American struggle. These visionaries possess a distinct style and creative vision on that could never be replicated by the standard Hollywood director.

Much like the film industry, it is crucial for the advertising, marketing, and public relations industries to increase the number of ethnic minorities within the field. By diversifying these work forces, there will be a dramatic influx  of creative new idea and more communities will reached. For example, if advertising agencies offered more positions to African Americans, the content being produced from the agency would likely resonate more with people of color because their cultural needs would be met. Having more people of color overseeing certain ad campaigns would give minorities more of a voice and would substantially reduce the number of incidents of racial insensitivity and use of stereotypes. Eliminating this glaring issue within media would greatly benefit our society because no individual should feel like their race or ethnicity is being poorly represented.

In the future, I will strive to make content that positively impacts the African American community so I can inspire future generations of content creators. It is important for African American youth to have role models they can look up to because too often society paints the perception that minority children are limited in what they can achieve. Although the field that I wish to pursue is exclusive and challenging, the success stories from other African American filmmakers give me hope that I can accomplish anything that I set my mind to.

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