The short film Grey Area follows two troubled teens providing social commentary on the divide between white and black American experience while being held in a police station.


My self-portrait is inspired by the artist Kehinde Wiley, who was commissioned to paint former President Barack Obama’s portrait. In paying homage to the dynamic background patterns and vibrant colors used by Wiley, I incorporating symbolic music notes that reflect my passion for the musical arts. While developing my painting, I made use of contrasting shadows to create form, volume, and the illusion of depth. This spirited self-portrait utilize traditional painting techniques with a blend of contemporary and personal elements.


During my time at The Latin School of Chicago I was given the opportunity to travel to Paris, France and The United Kingdom. This experience allowed me to immerse myself into European culture and explore the rich history of both France and England. While abroad I studied poetry and performed with my school choir at a variety of venues.