My name is Joshua Harris and I am a self motivated artist with an unparalleled work ethic. I was born and raised in the city of Chicago where I fell in love with cinematography and visual storytelling. I have invested many hours into learning the technicalities of video production while also producing content that challenges audiences’ way of thinking.


  • I attended The Latin School of Chicago for 14 years, where I established many strong relationships and worked to discover my interests and future ambitions. My involvement with a variety of programs and clubs during high school has given me the opportunity to interact with diverse groups of people and develop leadership qualities.
  • I currently attend Drake University, where I study digital media production and advertising. I am also a member of the University’s Crew Scholars Program, an organization that strives to mold participants into effective leaders and mentors.

Media Experience

In high school, I assumed a leadership role with an Advanced Video Production Internship. The program was made up of 30 aspiring filmmakers from across the city of Chicago, all of whom came from a variety of racial and cultural backgrounds. Members of the program expressed their creativity by writing scripts for short films and pitching their ideas to their peers. As a team, we voted on which film to put into production and then we began the filming and editing process. During my time with the program, my film script was selected twice and I directed three short films.

As a film director, I dedicated myself to valuing the ideas of my peers and ensuring every crew member’s voice was heard. During our productions, I was responsible for assigning crew roles, directing on set talent, and editing footage.

My role with the program has given me an opportunity to develop valuable communication skills and core leadership values such as commitment and collaboration. As a leader within the program, I was given the opportunity to speak with small groups of potential donors of the After School Matters Corporation and provide them with  information about our program. I also frequently introduced our showcased films at our seasonal film premieres that After School Matters hosts downtown for the public.

This internship provided me with a great opportunity to obtain work experience during my time in high school and I am eternally grateful for all of the connections and friendships that I was able to establish.